Hello! I am a Senior Developer at XREAL, and I’m currently working on a Virtual Human Project.

My fields of interest are Computer Graphics, Machine Learning and AI Motion Capture.

  • June, 2023

    I started a business specializing in Virtual Humans as Chief Technology Officer at Adora Live, along with colleagues from XREAL.

  • January, 2023

    I won 3rd place at 2023 XREAL Winter Metathon 🥳

  • December, 2022

    I joined CGLab at Sungkyunkwan University as a research intern.

  • January, 2022

    I was part of the AttnKare team at Hippo T&C when we received the CES 2022 Innovation Award.

  • October, 2021

    I joined XREAL, a metaverse club based at Seoul National University.

  • June, 2021

    I started my internship at Hippo T&C.

  • March, 2019

    I was enrolled at Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea.